So much to do, so much to see

The last couple of times we’ve visited Farley, we’ve packed about 24 activities into 24 hours.

Yesterday it was lunch with Mom, Dan and Vera. Then we watched the Cubs/Cards game on TV as we visited with Steve, Carie, Joseph, Hub and Doris. Then we all went to the campground to eat dinner with Wayne and Gayle and Nathan. Then it was off to the Field of Dreams to watch the Ghost Players perform. Then we visited with Steve and Mom deep into the night.

A lot of fun, a lot of memories. As my Uncle Harry might say, “Here’s to the good times.”


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Fun pictures from the Field of Dreams

Frank Dardis, Uncle Dan, Maisa, some guy in a Dodgers shirt and Paul Scherrman.

What a memorable night we had at the Field of Dreams. The Ghost Players put on quite a show.






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Maisa hangs out with the Ghost players

Lots of laughs Sunday night at the Field of Dreams. More images coming later.

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Where are the fans?

I’ve always heard that Kansas City is a “good baseball city” and if you give fans a winner, they’ll show up at the park.

Well, it’s almost September and the Royals are in first place. And this week, they had pathetic crowds of 13,000 and 17,000. That’s awful.

Dodger fans have an undeserved reputation of not being passionate. But we lead the majors in attendance almost every year, so how could that be?

The a Dodgers are averaging 46,883 fans per home game — that’s 3,400 more than the second-best average in MLB.

That’s all I need to say about this issue. :-)

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After a hard, hot day of school (and after-school)



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How does he do it?

Clayton Kershaw missed a month of the season due to injury. And he still has better numbers than anyone else.

How is that possible?

The guy is the best pitcher of his generation.

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So proud of my little girl today

The kids at school walk around the gym each morning from 7:30 to 7:45. It’s a very popular social activity and good exercise too.

Tonight I asked Maisa who she walked with this morning. She told me she walked with a couple of girls and a boy in a wheelchair. (The same boy I saw her give a high-five last week before school.)

“I pushed his wheelchair,” Maisa proudly remarked. “He asked me to push him.”

I got a little teary-eyed when I heard this. Jill and I have always encouraged Maisa to be accepting and supportive of people who might not look like everyone else.

(Daycare was a big help in this regard. She was friends with kids of diverse ethnic backgrounds and abilities. Jill and I are grateful she had that opportunity.)

Her eagerness to help someone with a disability made me feel really good.

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