Too much fun Tuesday

Jill worked 12 hours yesterday, so Maisa and I had to find ways to pass the time. We did.

Gym, grocery store, McDonald’s for lunch, Dairy Queen for dessert, library, dolls, playground, bike ride, dinner, books, play kitchen.

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Hot day, cold treat

Free Dairy Queen thanks to Ankeny library summer reading program.


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Yes, dry weather is back!

There is no water in my sump pump this morning! Woo-hoo!

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I needed a time-out

I’ve been a Dodger fan for almost 30 years now. I’ve gotten to the point where I can usually shrug off a loss pretty quickly. I don’t get too upset when my guys play poorly.

But the Cardinals bring out the worst in me as a fan.

I was spewing so much negativity during last night’s game. Jill finally got up and (rightly) told me she had heard enough.Los Angeles Dodgers at St.Louis Cardinals

So, knowing I needed a time-out, I turned off the game and watched more of the Lewis and Clark DVD I got from the library.

Eventually I got tired and headed to bed. What a wonderful surprise it was to see the Dodgers took the lead in the ninth inning!

Sunday’s game was the biggest win of the year to date. The Dodgers showed a lot of guts to pull that one out.

Los Angeles won the season series against St. Louis, four games to three. Happy Monday!

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‘The Cardinal Way’

A friend of mine recently got a job helping to cover the Cardinals for

I gave him a hard time yesterday, asking if the team had taught him how to write “The Cardinal Way” yet.



Maisa was in RAGBRAI form yesterday. We rode our bikes from home to the gym, and then all the way back home and didn’t stop till we got to the Westwood Elementary playground.

It was a long ride for a 5-year-old, but she never stopped and never complained. Good job, Maisa!


I’m hoping for a Clayton Kershaw masterpiece tonight as the Dodgers try to avoid a sweep at St. Louis.

7 p.m., ESPN

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Hey, there’s Hank!

I just saw Dubuque County baseball icon Hank Lucas on TV at the Cards-Dodgers game.

Hank played minor-league baseball in the Dodgers system many years ago. He’s also a Field of Dreams ghost player.

Hank was a big part of that great crop of Holy Cross baseball players who tore up eastern Iowa semi-pro circuits in the 1970s and 1980s.

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The artful Dodger fan

These days, you are not likely to find Maisa without a pen, marker or crayon in her hand. She’s constantly practicing her craft.

Here she practices her characters from Mo Willems’ Piggie and Gerald books:


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